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  The Curse of Sekhem Ka 


Dr. Michael Murphy had gained fame as a contestant on the reality show The Dental Apprentice.  Murph receives a call from a former flame, Egyptologist Carli Chamoun, inviting him to come to Egypt to share in her discovery – the tombs of the dentists to the Pharaoh Djoser. 

Arriving in Cairo, Murph is alarmed to find Carli on the run, chased by Arab gunmen.  Murph has to find and rescue Carli, as he finds out that she has taken an ancient scroll that holds the key to unraveling a five thousand year old mystery.  The two are forced to break into the pyramid complex at Saqqara in search for further clues.  In deciphering the hieroglyphics contained on the walls of the dentist’s tomb, Carli had discovered the curse of Sekhem Ka, a dentist and priest to the Pharaoh.  Djoser had been murdered, … and one of the dentists was the assassin. 

Running for their lives, Murph and Carli uncover a pattern in a number of unsolved murders around the world.  A series of violent deaths have occurred where the victim had gold teeth forcibly extracted.  Events set into motion five thousand years ago are careening to a conclusion now.  Swept up by the Curse of Sekhem Ka, Murph and Carli race across Europe then back to Washington D.C.  As they reveal more of the plot, a shocking plan becomes clear.

Murph and Carli are forced to confront an ancient evil fighting to stop the chain of events that threatens the world.

In The Curse of Sekhem Ka, Matthew Messina weaves a clever, fast-paced thriller.  From Cairo to Rome to Germany and eventually to Washington D.C.., readers are treated to taut suspense as Murph and Carli attempt to unravel the mystery.  Messina skillfully blends actual events, in the discovery of the dentists’ tombs at Saqqara, with entertaining fiction, creating a fresh new hero in Mike Murphy.  If you think dentists lead boring lives, then you’ve never met Murph!  Smart and athletic, a former Junior Olympic volleyball champion, Mike Murphy shatters the stereotype by highlighting the secret adventure of dentists.

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The Black Swan Event



After gaining fame on the reality show The Dental Apprentice, Dr. Michael Murphy together with his girlfriend, archeologist Carli Chamoun, are invited to attend a State Dinner at the White House.

At the conclusion of the dinner, Murph and Carli are approached by a Secret Service Agent with the polite request that they join the President in the private quarters of the White House. Arriving on the second floor residence, they find the President in excruciating pain. After dinner, Frank Buchanan had retired to the Treaty Room to watch a baseball game, but an un-popped popcorn kernel had ruined his evening. 

It only took a few seconds for Murph to determine that the President had fractured a molar in half and that the only to relieve the pain was to take out the tooth. After taking the necessary x-rays, Murph numbs the President up, relieving the pain.  As he extracts the broken tooth, Murph makes a startling discovery.

The molar extracted from the President has a peculiar pink cast to the enamel.  Murph knows that only one thing causes pink-tooth . . . a root canal done using the sterilizing agent resorcinol.  The only problem is that resorcinol is banned in the US and is used exclusively by dentists in . . . Russia.

Murph and Carli are left with the burning question; If you suspect that the most powerful man in the world is not who he says he is, whom do you tell? 

Faced with the dilemma, Murph and Carli decide that they must solve the mystery themselves.  Their quest leads them on a race around the world, from DC to Rome to Israel, and back to Murph’s hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.

As they reveal more of the plot, a shocking plan becomes clear, with a goal so diabolical that it sits outside the realm of conventional wisdom.  With the peace and stability of the world hanging in the balance, Murph and Carli must unravel the mystery in time to prevent a catastrophe of Biblical proportions.

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Paperback editions are available at our office.